Redesigning the Japanese McDonalds delivery app
McDonalds Japan
January 2019 - Ongoing
My Role
UX Design
Sketch, Invision

Project Overview

This was spec work for a major Tokyo Design Agency. Details have been changed due to NDA's.

 Japan is a unique country with unique user needs. For example, name forms require 4 fields instead of two to disambiguate Kanji names and their correct pronunciation. For a product to be successful in Japan, it needs to be localized for the needs of Japanese people. Due to these unique localization requirements however, often times innovations in UX or trends in UI will reach Japan a little more slowly compared to other countries.

My objective was to redesign the Japanese McDonalds delivery app to improve the UX for Japanese users


There are three McDonalds apps in Japan

From left to right: One app for information and coupons, one for ordering for in-store takeout, and one for delivery. I found this to be very interesting as it appears that the apps operate independently from one another.

  • All three apps appear to follow different brand guidelines and use a different design system
  • The McDonalds coupon app is quite popular at #4, but has a 2.5 rating. (Uber Eats is #2 with a 4.5 rating)
  • Ranking drops dramatically for the delivery app at #19, and has the lowest rating of all three apps. (1.6)

Market Research

Finding official published customer data from McDonalds is quite difficult. Although the company shares sales information on their official site I couldn't find any official data on customer demographics. I did however, find some independent studies.

Customer demographic data
  • 64.7% of male teens, 58.9% of males in their 20's go to a hamburger shop more than once a month.
  • 53.2% of female teens, 61.5% of females in their 20's go to a hamburger shop more than once a month.
  • 1 in 4 smart phone users regularly use the McDonalds mobile site
  • Slightly more general customers are female compared to male. (Far left chart values)
  • McDonalds coupon app has a 41% monthly inactivity rate on Android, this the lowest of their competitors (App ape 2017)
  • Considering that smartphone usage per day for  all age groups is over 3 hours per day, one could assume a certain degree of tech-savviness in regards to app usage. (Nielsen 2018)
Additional findings
  • McDonalds customers prioritize searching for a low cost meal over the tastiest burger
  • Customers highly value the speed from order time to when their meal is served
  • Customers value a casual or relaxed setting
User Interviews
”公式のアプリは使います。でもデリバリーのアプリは知らなかった”。-30代 男性
"マック食べたい時、UberEATSのアプリ使ってた!マックのデリバリーだと注文の最低金額決まっていた気がしたなぁ"。-20代 女性
"I use the McDonalds app for coupons. It's really convenient. I hate remembering passwords on apps". -Male mid 30's
"I get coupons from the app occasionally. I don't like how pages open up in the browser". -Male early 30's
"I use the normal McDonalds app, there's another app too? What's the difference"? -Male early 30's
"When I want to eat McDonalds, I just ordered it from UberEATS. The McDelivery app has a minimum order" -Female early 20's

I conducted three very casual unstructured interviews. All 3 subjects were unaware of the existence of the McDonalds delivery app but expressed positive opinions about the McDonalds coupon app.

With this information I decided to focus on McDonalds delivery app and add some functionality from the pickup ordering app. Customers seem to be satisfied with the current coupon app overall and if all three apps operate independently it may be difficult to coordinate the backend of coupon issuing and validation across different apps. This feature can be incorporated into future iterations.



With this information, I created a provisional user persona


User flows comparison

I compared DoorDash, GrubHub, Dominoes JP, and Burger King JP user flows

Next I compared the flow of the McDonalds delivery app to the McDonalds coupon app

Finally, I took the best parts of all the user flows to create my own flow for the redesign

Task flows comparison

I compared the McDonalds delivery app task flow to my proposed task flow based on successful competitors


I created a set of wireframes based on my user and task flows


Style guide

McDonalds official brand guidelines

Hi-fi mockups

I applied the style guide to create hi-fi mockups of all screens


Researching and interviewing in Japanese, as well as working with Japanese language is challenging. One must understand the nuances between languages to offer a good User Experience.

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