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Records all user actions inside the Ops internal tool
May 2021
My Role
Research, Design
Figma, Maze

Project Overview

Currently deployed in prod as of June 2021

Domuso is a late stage Fintech startup in the property management sector. Their internal tool known as Ops UI performs a number of critical functions for business operations such as onboarding/offboarding properties, updating property information, and more. As the company grows, so did a need to remember what actions where being taken within this portal. For example, it would be necessary to see when a user changed a routing number to a property for documentation and security reasons. This can save work hours, establish documentation, and improve security.

The Problem: Create an activity log which displays all actions taken within the Ops internal tool. Create everything using stock Ant React components.
Project Index
Implemented solution


Imagining logging into Facebook one day... find this! Someone has hacked your Facebook account! What would you do? Call customer support? Panic?
What would you do in this situation? You need to find out when this person accessed your account and when these changes took place. The process of contacting Customer Support and investigating could take weeks. Now imagine if your Facebook account contained sensitive financial information for dozens of multimillion dollar Property Management Companies!
Facebook solution to this is to provide an activity log where users can review logins and changes to their account. Domuso required a similar feature.

The Domuso Ops UI has been around long before I joined the company. Created in React using and older Ant Library, its functionality is critical to many day to day operations at the company.

Old UI

  • Simple IA. Features and fields are starting to overflow the accordion menu
  • There is no global view. 1 property can be viewed at a time
  • Sections contain Names, Emails, Tax Identifiers, Banking information, specific fee structures, and more
  • We need to add a log which tracks user actions here. With this simple IA it should be easy...right?




Reducing complexity

After interviewing users, it became clear to me that I would need to reduce the complexity of the log items.


Early prototypes:
Later prototypes
Later prototypes: Filter
User testing is your friend

Implemented solution


I am able to address complexity when approaching a design. Not all UX work is sleek B2C interfaces, and I am able to work on internal tools just as well as other products.

The key to success in this product was my communication between various departments Product, Internal Ops, Engineering, Sys Admin.

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