Hello world!

I'm Joel

Raised in upstate New York while spending most of my adult life in Japan, I'm bit of a third culture adult.

What attracts me to UX design is the unlimited potential for improvement and growth. My dream is to take part in the development of products that ethically improve people's lives and causes paradigm shifts in thinking.

My experience in localization for digital products as well as my decade of experience living in Japan has allowed me to empathize with people from many different cultures as well as given me unique perspective on different approaches to problem solving in UX design.

Not resting on my laurels, I always have side projects going and simply love doing design. My latest projects are in the Medtech and Edtech industries.

In between design I'm writing articles on Medium to help the industry. I'm also a published author in UX magazine.

My Career so far

I've worked with a wide variety of large and small companies including Google Japan, San Francisco and Tokyo tech startups. For more information check out my resume.

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Fun facts

I'm a former musician and self-taught guitar player. Accepted into The Berklee School of Music and Musicians Institute.

Despite my looks, I'm not ethnically Japanese. I self studied and passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test n2 exam in 2017. It's one of my proudest achievements.


Here are some of the thinkers, creators, Boxers, Youtubers, and other people that influence me.
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